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The Owner

Mauria Smith, makeup artist and licensed esthetician, has always had a great passion for skincare and the art of makeup, particularly for black women and men. Her business, Elizabeth Mae, which was named after, and in honor of, her paternal and maternal grandmothers, provides luxury, on-location makeup services, and is on target to relaunch its skincare and cosmetics line in the very near future. Based in Orlando, Florida, she’s been an industry professional for over a decade working predominately in the areas of tv/film, bridal and editorial print/publication. She prides herself in the great attention paid to detail when working with different projects, and her high level of professionalism has continuously been key in maintaining a solid clientele that continuously expands. She’s the mother of two precious daughters, Leah and Lydia, who are her driving force behind all she sets forth to do, and she continues to blaze the path for other passionate makeup artists who wish to leave a lasting impact on the makeup and beauty industry. 

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